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Water - Dream meaning

Water - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
If You dream of clean and clear water, then this dream promises You joy and well-being. If the Water is dirty and muddy, You should be prepared for the fact that You are at risk, and the bright stripe of Your life will change dark. If in the dream You've managed to Fall into a puddle or pond with dirty water, then in real life You risk making serious mistakes, which you'll later regret. If You dreamt that You quench your thirst with dirty water, is to the disease, if the net is good luck. Dreams Flood (especially if it was from Your dwelling) warns of impending danger. However, if You see the Water level drops, the worst is behind us. A dream in which You are splashing and frolicking in the water, signifies the Love and all-consuming passion. If You Head drops of water, then Your feelings will be mutual.

Water Dream meaning
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