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Tree - Dream meaning

Tree - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
The young trees with green foliage, seen in a dream - a sign of the incarnation of hope. Dried-out trees are a symbol of sorrow and loss. If you dream You climbed a tree, then You expect a brilliant career. However, You need to be careful with money. A dream in which You cut or cut down a tree, means that You risk to spend your strength in vain. Dream green Tree portends an unexpected misfortune that falls as Snow on the Head in the midst of a happy and comfortable life. If You had a flowering tree, ahead of You have a relaxing holiday period, but the preparation for it may require a fair amount of effort. If You see a fructifying tree, and in reality You will finally be able to reap the fruits of your labor. If You had turned out a tree, then You have To go through because of the illness of a loved one. If you dream You fell out of a Tree and hit, despite all Your attempts, You will not be able to finish the plan. Perhaps You lose your job.

Tree Dream meaning
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