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Table - Dream meaning

Table - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
Cover the Table means that You're destined to a happy Union. Clear the Table - a sign that the current of joy would soon be replaced troubles. To dream of empty tables foretells poverty. If You dream that You are eating at the table, on which there are no tablecloths, then You are by nature independent. To see on the Table stained tablecloth means disobedience of Children or subordinates. If You dreamt that the Table is weird moves, be ready that Your life will be characterized by frustration and You desperately feel the need for change. Broken Table - a symbol of failure. If You dream about someone you know is sitting at the table, You should beware of this man, so as to achieve their goals, he is able to do anything. A dream in which You sit at a Desk, means unforeseen difficulties. Dream Money on the Table - a sign that You will be able to find a way out of the impasse.

Table Dream meaning
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