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Snake - Dream meaning

Snake - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
Dreams about snakes warn about the evil in its various manifestations. A dream in which the young Woman sees her Dead bites snake, warns of the danger that awaits her from a Man pretending to be her friend. If You dream of a coiling snake, You have to Fight fate. If You dream that You kill a snake, in real life You have to exert force in order to defend their interests. In the near future You will see that defeated their enemies. If You dreamt that You are forced to step over snakes, it warns You that Your health is in danger, and Your competitors are trying to survive You. If You dream that You are bitten by a snake, You will be hard to resist under the influence of enemies who will try to hurt You. To dream, like a Snake rings curl around You and is going to Bite You, means that in real life You expect a situation in which You find yourself powerless against their enemies. If You dreamt that You keep the Snake in his hands, it is a harbinger of what You will be able for their generosity to overcome the enemy. A dream in which You see that instead of Hair on your Head teeming with snakes, suggests that You attach too much importance to trifles. If You dream of snakes that are unnatural in shape, appearance or colour, then the dream symbolizes that in reality You will Face troubles, which upon closer inspection would be completely insignificant. If You dreamt that You Ford the river, infested with snakes, be careful, because where You hope for success, You can expect problems. If You see a Snake Bite other people, then it is possible that You complicate relations with Your friends your high requirements. If You had a lot of small snakes, then You should not be too open with people, because they can take advantage of this and trick You. If You have a dream that Children play with snakes, then maybe life will put You in a difficult situation, when You will be difficult to determine who's the enemy and who is friend. If in the dream the Woman hears the hiss of a snake, it warns her that she will be forced to abandon what she was entitled to. If You have dreams of his friend, which creeps up from the back of the serpent, You will be able to keep him out of trouble and maybe even uncover a conspiracy against him. If snakes are subordinate to Your friend, You can hope that some external force will help You avoid trouble. A dream in which a Woman sees that she is hypnotized by a snake, predicts that their rights would be infringed, but with the help of loyal friends and the law it will be able to defend their interests.

Snake Dream meaning
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