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Ice - Dream meaning

Ice - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
If You had ice, then You should be ready to Face adversity and to strike Fear in most unprotected place. If You had a piece of Ice in a stream of pure water, the reality of Your serene happiness can be marred envious friends. If you dream You are on the ice, then it is possible that in reality You take a sharp turn and break up with the usual comfortable life. For a young Woman dream in which she is on the ice, means that it should be much more careful in their behavior, because it may attract too much public attention. Icicles on the houses dream to poverty and lack of comfort. It is also possible deterioration of health. Icicles on the fence means possible the sufferings of soul and body. Icicles on the trees mean that Your prospects will become even more grim. Icicles on coniferous trees predict that a bright future will be hidden under the shadow of a doubt. A dream in which You do the ice, warns that in reality You risk to fail because of his selfishness and arrogance. Sucking Ice - to the disease. Drink in the dream Ice Water - a warning that carelessness can lead to serious consequences and diseases. If you dream You are swimming in freezing water, You shouldn't count on a planned vacation, as it can be interrupted by unforeseen circumstances.

Ice Dream meaning
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