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Horse - Dream meaning

Horse - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
To dream of horses is a sign that You will accumulate wealth and to fully enjoy life. Riding a beautiful white Horse is a good omen, foretelling the joy associated with People You love. If the Horse is skinny and dirty, beware of treachery from the envious. Black Horse is a symbol of good luck, however, on the way to it You run the risk of committing a discreditable act. For a married Woman such a dream could mean infidelity of her husband. Kaur Horse is a symbol of wealth, but it will not bring You satisfaction. Horse apples - to profit. To see yourself Riding a chestnut Horse is a symbol of good luck in life. Also, this dream can mean the satisfaction of desires. For women it can mean excessive concessions in exchange for material goods. If You dream that You are Riding a horse, and the Horse suddenly bolted, it is quite possible that Your interests will be disadvantaged because of the deed or other person occupying a high position. To see that the Horse runs away from You in a herd, portends sickness of friends. Beautiful stallions dream to success in business, of a Mare - to the understanding in the family. If You are Moving to Ford a river, we soon await You luck, fun and enjoyment. However, if the flow is turbulent, then these pleasures will disappoint You. If You dream that You are clear Cross the River on horseback, in cases You will have good luck. If You had a wounded horse, wait for troubles with friends. Dead Horse - a sign of disappointment. To dream of pegausus Horse means that most of Your desires are elusive. If You are trying to travel obstinate Horse that throws You, then wait for serious competition. However, if You manage to tame her and to throw her harness, and in reality You cope with all the troubles. If a Horse kicked You, be ready that Your Love will be rejected. If You are unable to catch the horse, then get ready for what is in reality fate would play a cruel joke with You. Find in dreams a horseshoe for luck. For a Woman this dream promises a faithful and caring wife. If in the dream You shoed a horse, then perhaps You will attempt to acquire property in an unsavory way. If You are trying to Shoe a Horse that is too small, a broken horseshoe, in real life You will be accused of moshennichestvah in which You see racehorses, suggests that You dialed the pace of life weighs on You. Favorable dream in which You are participating in the races. If You dreamt that You killed the horse, it means that in life You only think about yourself, and it hurts Your loved ones. If you dream You are Riding Bareback horses, then this is a sign that all of Your accomplishments produced great effort. If a Man dreams that he is Riding Bareback horses in the company of men is to deserved success and the help of friends, in the company of women, it is impossible to achieve because of the overuse of the opposite sex. To dream that You tidy a horse's mane or tail, foretells that You may be a good financier or farmer. If You had a Horse with baggage, then be prepared for difficulties on the path to abundance and love. If you dream You are trying to enter the hill, but the Horse is down, but You still get to the top of the hill, then in reality You will be able to achieve planned, despite all the difficulties and problems. If You drive to the top on a horse, in real life You will be able to achieve success and strong position. Down on horseback from the hill means that the progress of Your Affairs will disappoint You. A dream in which a young Woman rides a black horse, promises her communication with interesting people. Some of her wishes suddenly come true. If a young Woman dreams that her Lover goes after her, then it means that she will be successful at many famous and successful men. If she dreams that she is afraid will haunt her jealousy of a loved one.

Horse Dream meaning
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