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Hand - Dream meaning

Hand - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
Seen in a dream a beautiful well-groomed hands mean that You are assured of success and fulfillment of desires. Ugly hands is a symbol of need and frustration. A dream in which You see the wounded hands, means that someone will succeed before You do. If You see Blood on your hands, then soon You will move further away from family. Burning your hands means that You can not calculate the forces and will not be able to achieve the. If You had a Hand apart from the body, it is a sign of loneliness. You will be hard to find understanding with other people. To see your hands covered with Hair means that You are not destined to consolidate its position there, where You now are. If You dream that You have overly large hands, then this dream foretells a rapid progress in Your business. To see them unnaturally small means, in the cases You expect stagnation. Dirty hands mean that in reality You will have to pursue the envy. To Wash the hands for the upcoming joyful event or party. If in the dream a Woman admires with his own hands, in reality it will deserve sincere respect for the Man she appreciates most. Admire the hands of others means that she will Fall into dependence on men, which will be her jealous. For a young Woman dream in which a Man holds her by the arms, heralds indecent proposals. If a Man kisses her hand, then she should be afraid of gossip. Favorable dream in which a Woman kindles a Fire without burning the hands, as it means that I will be able to gain power and public recognition. To see yourself in a dream with his hands tied warns You that You risk getting in trouble. However, if You manage to free your hands, You will be able to subjugate others to his will.

Hand Dream meaning
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