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Hair - Dream meaning

Hair - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
If in the dream a young Woman combing her beautiful well-groomed hair, in reality it does not give due importance to his personal life. If a Man dreams that he starts To go bald, it warns him against extravagance, which can lead to serious financial problems. If You dream that Your Hair is turning gray, then this dream can predict the impending Death of a close Friend or relative. If You saw in a dream a young Boy or Girl with gray hair, be prepared for the loss. Maybe Your life will take a lover. With caution to similar sleep should treat a woman, because problems can occur because of them. If the young lady had women with gray hair, she should be wary of competitors, as she risks losing her partner. If You dreamt that Your whole body is covered with hair, then perhaps You overly indulge in pleasures of the flesh, and this can cause problems in communicating with others. Black curly Hair is a symbol of flirtation and seduction. If they dream of a young woman, she may become the victim of a Love affair. If a Man dreamt that he had such a hair, it will drive crazy a lot of women. Red Hair is a symbol of impermanence. If the young Man dreamt that his beloved red hair, then he should be ready to jealousy. White Hair means that the destiny will be favorable to You. If a Woman dreams that her Hair is a different color, it means that in real life she would Face the problem of choice. If she is sensible enough, her life will change for the better. To see lush Hair - to prosperity. If You dream that Your Hair is carefully tucked away in her hair, it may mean that You will have a good luck. If You dream that You cut very short, be prepared to financial problems because of Your extravagance. Disheveled Hair may mean that You are trapped by problems in business and family life. If a young Woman dreamed that she cannot comb her hair, then she should subdue their obstinate disposition. A dream in which You are cut off, warns that You should be prepared to deception and disappointment. If your Hair begin to Fall out, it means serious Money problems. If a Man dreamt that he goes through women's delicate curls, it is a good sign. This dream promises to him in mutual Love with a good Woman who will be faithful to him no matter what. If You dreamed that Your Hair is decorated with flowers, You can not avoid trouble. However, they will be much less serious than it seemed initially.

Hair Dream meaning
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