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Fly - Dream meaning

Fly - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
If You dream that You are floating high above the ground, then be prepared for family problems; if you Fly low to mild disease. A dream in which You Fly over dirty Water encourages You to devote more time to his business, otherwise your competitors will take advantage of Your inattention. If You Fly over the ruins, then it may be a symbol of boredom. If during the Flight You will consider below the green crown of the trees and the grass, awaiting You are temporary problems that will soon be replaced by luck. If You dream of space Flight to the moon and other planets, possible global disasters, wars, epidemics, famine. A dream in which You Fly on black wings, means that You will suffer a bitter disappointment. The young Man To see himself flying on the wings of a Dove is a sign of success in business and love. If the dream recurs frequently, it is a sign of increasing wealth and fulfillment of desires. If during the Flight You fall, and in life You Face the fall. However, if at this moment You woke up, You will be able to cope with problems. For a young Woman dream in which she Flies from one city to another and lands on the dome of the Church, means that she will have to defend their ideas and beliefs. Also threatening her deteriorating health. Possible Death of someone close to her. If she dreams that she was shot, she should be wary of the machinations of enemies on the way to its success.

Fly Dream meaning
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