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Each - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
If You dream about happy friends - wait for good news, even Meeting with someone from the family or loved ones. To see friends in trouble or in sickness means that in reality they Face health problems. The same means a dream in which You see a friend's Face darkened. If You dream of a Friend in the shape of an animal, be careful, because Your enemies are trying to sow discord in Your life. The bright red clothes wearing Your friend, means that You would get into trouble and loss. If You had a fixed figure of Your friend, situated on a hill, You can count on is a major success, while retaining the old way of viewing life and without losing good relations with friends. However, if the figure of Each is below, for the success You will have to pay the price of losing a friend. If the figure is placed on the same level with You, then You should not count on success. If You dream about the figure of the Friend is removed from You, it is likely that in reality You try to make changes in your life, at the risk of losing friends. If You dreamt that a Friend is trying to hide his face, then be prepared for deception by someone who professes to be Your friend. If you dream You shake hands with the person who You are unpleasant, then in reality You can lose a loved one.

Each Dream meaning
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