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Dog - Dream meaning

Dog - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
If You had a Dog that growls and rushes at You, then You should be wary of the machinations of the enemies, and if the Dog is flirting with You - it's to prosperity, and good friends. If You dreamt that Your Dog has a great pedigree and excellent quality, then wait for wealth. To dream that You are on trail is a Bloodhound, means that You will have to tempt the temptations to succumb to that threatens big trouble. If You have small dogs, this means that Your thoughts is too frivolous. If You dream that You are bitten by a dog, then be careful in dealing with the People around You, since they can be too ugly. Dreams skinny dogs can mean the collapse of the business, as well as their disease. If You dream of a dog, it's a sign of good fortune. Barking Dog foretells that You expect bad news. If You dreamt that dogs chase a Fox or another animal, Your business will go brilliantly. To dream small home dogs means that maybe You're too selfish. If these dogs have a young woman, they can predict her groom, in which too many flashy gloss. If you dream You are scared of the other dog, then in reality You will feel embarrassed due to the fact that will stand out from the crowd. For a young Woman this dream promises a outstanding man. To hear the barking and growling of dogs means that You are too influenced by the People around You, who do not always wish You well. The barking of a lone Dog predicts a long separation from a loved one or even his death. If You dream of a pack of fighting dogs, then be prepared for the intrigues of enemies. Perhaps in Your life begins a period of depression. If You dream that a Dog kills a cat, then it predicts a good deal and an unexpected pleasure. If You dream that dogs and cats peacefully coexist with Each other, and then suddenly rush at Each other, then this is a sign that You will crash into Love Affairs. However, if in your sleep You managed to separate them, and then in life You can avoid a break with your loved one. If approaching You good white dog, a tempting offer, whether in business or in love. For women it is a sign of imminent marriage. If You had a Dog with many heads, it means that You aim to cover too many things. For a person aspiring to succeed, the dream is a reminder that if for two hares chase, catch neither. To dream of mad Dog mean that all Your efforts to achieve the desired in vain. In addition, You may suffer a serious illness. If a mad Dog succeeds in biting You, it warns that You or someone from Your loved ones on the verge of madness, and what might happen something tragic. If You dream that You are traveling, and accompanies You only faithful dog, then this dream promises true friends and success in all endeavors. If You dream of floating dogs, then this means that fortune smiles on You. If in Your dream Dog kills a snake, it is a harbinger of good luck.

Dog Dream meaning
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