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Dead - Dream meaning

Dead - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
To dream of the Dead - an unfavorable sign. After such a dream should expect receiving sad news from those who are far from You. It is also possible setbacks in commercial matters. If The deceased had You lying in a coffin, then You will pursue the troubles and failures. To dream of a Dead loved one could mean misfortune in the family or serious family quarrel. For lovers it is a sign of infidelity. If you dream You put Coins on the Eyes of the deceased, then in reality You will suffer from dishonest acts of Your enemies, which will benefit Your cramped circumstances. Put the coin in only one eye means that You will be able to defend their positions. For a young Woman this dream is a harbinger of trouble because of her credulity. If You learn about a person's death, then wait for that person unpleasant news.

Dead Dream meaning
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