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Bed - Dream meaning

Bed - Dream meaning. Book of Dream Interpretations Online
To dream of a snow-white Bed - to a successful outcome of Your endeavors. A dream in which a young Woman dreamed that she stelic fresh bed, holds her new lover. If You dream that You are lying in Bed in an unfamiliar situation, then wait for the intruders. If during the illness You dream that You are lying in bed, wait for deterioration. Sleeping in a Bed in the open air - a sign of excellent opportunities to improve their situation. If you dream You see a loved one lying in Bed with a pale look, then You should be ready to problems with Your family or loved ones. If mother's dream that her Child wets the bed, then she should be prepared for the disturbing news. Wet the bed, seen in a dream, warns you that Your plans may violate unexpected illness or misfortune.

Bed Dream meaning
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