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Wedding day dream meaning Dream meaning
Our newest finds The Wedding of My Dreams have a wonderful range of wedding decorations. Our best sellers include table decorations, centrepieces, tea light holders, table plans, directional wedding signs and more. As a team we have been styling weddings and events for many years...

Weaving dreams meaning Dream meaning
Meaning of dreams weaving Meaning of dreams weaving & dictionary interpretation Dreams interpretation of weaving symbol What does my dream Mean ? The impact of Dream interpretation should not be neglected because dreams are representation of things to com...

Waterfall meaning in dreams Dream meaning
Meaning of dreams waterfall Meaning of dreams waterfall & dictionary interpretation Dreams interpretation of waterfall symbol What does my dream Mean ? The impact of Dream interpretation should not be neglected because dreams are representation of things ...

Water dream meanings Dream meaning
Dream Dictionary Dark Water The symbols of dark water or a dark lake are pertinent because they give some clue to the actual emotion that is involved in the process. A dream about one of these symbols may seem perplexing at first but after understanding their close relation to the human...

Watch in a dream meaning Dream meaning
Dream Meaning of Watch (Clock) To see a watch in a dream refers to order, operation, being on the rail. To see watch clicks or a watch who works orderly in your dream may indicate that you won't have any problems about health and get rid of your small health problems if you h...

Washing hair dream meaning Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Washing Dreams Psychological Meaning: Washing may represent inner cleansing. You are getting rid of old attitudes, habits and emotional reactions. I...

Washing feet dream meaning Dream meaning
Bible Question: What does "footwashing" represent when Jesus washed His disciples' feet? What does it mean for us today? Bible Answer: Some years ago, I had the privilege to be a part of the Lord's Supper in a church in California that believes we are to wash one a...

War dreams meaning Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation War The meaning of your dream subject, War, according to the ancient dream books and from 10,000 Dreams interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller, is detailed below: To dream of war, foretells unfortunate conditions in business, and much disorder and s...

Walking on hands dream meaning Dream meaning
1. To dream that go walking. means that you deserved to have profits and welfare. 2. Dreaming that you walk slowly, suggests you will go on back to your competition. 3. To dream you go quickly, suggests you will have a short, but quick success....

Walking on broken glass dream meaning Dream meaning
Glass represents the invisible but powerful feeling or social barriers we use in everyday life. The sort of invisible yet tangible barriers we may erect or feel around others, such as natural caution, emotional coldness, disinterest, fear of being hurt or pride; social barriers. Invisible...

Walking in dreams meaning Dream meaning
Walking in Dreams Like other forms of travel, walking in a dream can symbolize how you are progressing in life. However, when you are walking, you are using your own physical power, and nothing else, to move forwards. Therefore, walking in a dream can be a sign of how independent you ar...

Vulture dream meaning Dream meaning
This web site designed and maintained by Dream Moods, Inc. Email the webmaster at dreammoods dot com with questions or comments about this web site. Copyright 2000-2014 Dream Moods, Inc. All rights reserved. Content within this website is registered with the US Libra...

Voodoo dreams meaning Dream meaning
Doll Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: To dream of playing with dolls may symbolise that you are trying to come to terms with an infantile aspect of yourself. They can sometimes indicate a lack of communication between the conscious ...

Vomiting blood dream meaning Dream meaning
To dream of vomiting, is a sign that you will be afflicted with a malady which will threaten invalidism, or you will be connected with a racy scandal. To see others vomiting, denotes that you will be made aware of the false pretenses of persons who are trying to engage your aid. Fo...

Vivid dreams meaning pregnancy Dream meaning
Vivid pregnancy dreams In this article My dreams lately have been so disturbing and so vivid. Does this mean something might be wrong with me or the baby? Not at all. Pregnancy dreams, especially dreams in your third trimester. are often vivid and scary. This is comple...

Visions and dreams meanings Dream meaning
To dream that you have a strange vision, denotes that you will be unfortunate in your dealings and sickness will unfit you for pleasant duties. If persons appear to you in visions, it foretells uprising and strife of families or state. If your friend is near dissolution and you are...

Vedic meaning of dreams Dream meaning
dream interpretation in indian astrology [adsense_id=”1″] [adsense_id=”3″] You can find all sort of articles, information, how to do articles and much more. [adsense_id=”4″] [adsense_id=”6″] [adsense_id=&...

Vampire dreams meaning Dream meaning
Vampire (Dreams) Absent healer, projector, hypnotist. Don't harbour negative thoughts about others. Being a vampire - You are a vampire in the dream. shows that you have some characteristic features that you can use to feed yourself. to attract energy from others. Y...

Utopian dream meaning Dream meaning
Definition of utopian 1.   of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a utopia ; especially.   having impossibly ideal conditions especially of social organization 2.   proposing or advocating impractically ideal social and political sc...

Urinating dream meaning Dream meaning
Urination (Dreams) Dream ing that you are urinating. symbol izes a clean sing and release of negative or repressed emotions. Urination is symbol ic of having or lacking basic control in your life. URINE / URINATION dream interpretation meaning of dream...

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