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White rabbit in dreams meaning Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Rabbit Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: Because of their reputation for breeding, a rabbit may represent your sexual activity. It could also rep...

White picket fence dream meaning Dream meaning
Martha come quick, the doctor is sick, lying there on the street The circus performers they all tried to warn us of the blistering heat There ain't no water, so what is the bother with trying to drink? What's the new plan when your medicine man has gone too dead to think?...

White owl dreams meaning Dream meaning
and you don't know which way to go Through the shadowlands, and forgotten paths, you will find a road Like an owl you must fly by moonlight with an open eye, And use your instinct as your guide, to navigate the ways that lays before you, You were born to...

White mouse in dreams meaning Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation /Dream of White Mouse Expert: Hope - 6/22/2008 What does it mean when I dream of a white mouse? I dreamt the my parents and I (I am 38 years old - so riding in a car with my parents was strange) we pulled into my garage (it w...

White lion in dream meaning Dream meaning
To dream of a lion, signifies that a great force is driving you. If you subdue the lion, you will be victorious in any engagement. If it overpowers you, then you will be open to the successful attacks of enemies. To see caged lions, denotes that your success depends upon you...

White in dreams meaning Dream meaning
Horoscopes/Astrology I am at a swimming pool and I pick up this old white cat that seems familiar. In this dream I really love this cat I can feel it. I feel that the cat is very sick and I am on my way to take it to the vet. I enter this very old heritage style building and greet the p...

White horse meaning dream Dream meaning
Portrayal in myth Edit From earliest times white horses have been mythologized as possessing exceptional properties, transcending the normal world by having wings (e.g. Pegasus from Greek mythology), or having horns (the unicorn ). As part of its legendary dimension, the white horse in ...

White horse in dream meaning Dream meaning
Definition of ride the white horse ride the white horse to frequently use an illegal white powder stimulant (e.g. cocaine, crystal methamphetamines, crank, etc.) Man, Jeremy's losing a lot of weight. You think he's riding the white horse? See more words w...

White horse dreams meaning Dream meaning
Comes out just when you need it to As I paced back and forth all this time 'Cause I honestly believed in you Holding on The days drag on Stupid girl, I should have known, I should have known That I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale ...

White fox dream meaning Dream meaning
Fox (Dreams) To dream of chasing a fox. denotes that you are en gaging in doubtful speculations and risky love affair s. A fox is normally a sly creature. if this appear ed in your dream then there will be an offence that is committed by someone sly. The actual deta...

White elephant dream meaning Dream meaning
Maya (mother of the Buddha) Queen Māyā of Sakya (Māyādevī) was the birth mother of Gautama Buddha. the sage on whose teachings Buddhism was founded, and the sister of Mahāpajāpatī Gotamī. the first Buddhist nun ordained by the Buddha. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] In Buddhist tradi...

White eagle dream meaning Dream meaning
The page cannot be found The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please try the following: Make sure that the Web site address displayed in the address bar of your browser is spelled and formatted cor...

White dress in dream meaning Dream meaning
Dream: white dress alsalamualeykum to MSN MSH mashaykhs and all I had dreamt I wear white dresses two times. Its beautiful white dress and I walk in the airport. In the first dream my dress is much beautiful. And while walking a kid pulling my hijab and a thing ...

White dreamcatcher meaning Dream meaning
Dream Catchers - 4 Inch - White with White Feathers This Dream Catcher is hand crafted, made with feathers, leather and beads, it is white in color. This Dream Catcher hangs approximately 11 to 14 inches in length with the center (or woven web) measuring 4 inches in diameter. These Drea...

White dog in dream meaning Dream meaning
Monday, July 20, 2009 Dream-White Dog Despite a lifelong love of black dogs, I had a dream about a white one last night. I am not sure how I hooked up with it, but somehow I ended up with this sweet little white fluffball. and she had a name that was a little too similar to Lit...

White color meaning in dreams Dream meaning
Color White White is the color of purity. Brides wear white in many countries, because white symbolizes a virgin. White means kindness. In some cultures white is worn at funerals. White is Monday's color. White daisies are a symbol of loyal love. White Energy Strictly sp...

White cats in dreams meaning Dream meaning
YaSiN51214 0 3 nights ago i had a dream about a kitten, a little white kitten who was friendly and i was so happy to have one. and i remember in my dream i was happy, and when i woke up from that dream i felt happy, and i remember my kitten and i were looking outside th...

White cat in dream meaning Dream meaning
Dreaming of White Cat: Dream Interpretations, Explanations and Meanings in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary Discovering the meanings to various dreams has become an interesting topic to more and more people. What is the dream meaning, dream symbols and dream interpretation of dreams about ...

White butterfly dream meaning Dream meaning
Moth (Dreams) drawn to the flame ) in your dream indicates that you are rushing through some decision or rushing into a relationship. It may also denote quarrel s and disagreements in the home . -a symbol of transient wealth or something that is con­suming ...

White buffalo dream meaning Dream meaning
Buffalo (Dreams) Strength through gentleness and moderation, ruggedness, sturdiness. Dream ing of this animal can represent. Strength through gentleness and moderation, ruggedness, sturdiness. Dream ing of this animal can represent. Dream ing of a buffalo. symbol iz...

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