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Dream meaning horses Dream meaning
The Unconscious World of Dream (1) A Horse - particularily a stallion - may symbolize sexuality (2) It may symbolize animality; instinctive dynamism that may 'carry you away'. (3) A galloping horse may symbolize ecstasy; or a need not to get bogged down in sensuality/ ma...

Dream meaning green Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Eyes Dream Psychological Meaning: These ‘widows to the soul’ give us clues to the state of our spiritual health and wellbeing. If the eye...

Dream meaning goldfish Dream meaning
What Does My Dream Mean? Dreams About Goldfish: An Interpretation of the Goldfish Dream What Does the Goldfish Dream Mean? Since the begining of history, people have wished to comprehend the message of their dreams.The Goldfish dream isn’t any different from seve...

Dream meaning gold Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation Gold If you handle gold in your dream, you will be unusually successful in all enterprises. For a woman to dream that she receives presents of gold, either money or ornaments, she will marry a wealthy but mercenary man. To find gold, indicates that your super...

Dream meaning giving birth to a baby boy Dream meaning
Interpretations ZoltarSpeaks This dream means that you nurse the desire to have a child of your own. The fact that your wife was not pregnant but still gave birth to a boy means that the happiness can come to you real fast. The dream actually conveys the emotion that you are pr...

Dream meaning food Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: Food Dream meaning: Food For many of us, food symbolizes caring; nurturing; security. Consider the kind of food and the action you are taking with respect to it, are you eating it, feeding someone, being fed, preparing or serving a mean. Is this typical waking beh...

Dream meaning fishing Dream meaning
Dream Meaning of Fishing Rod To see a fishing rod in a dream refers to prefer, the multitude of choices and abundance. To dream that you are holding a fishing rod in your hand may represent that you will choose the appropriate one from many good opportunities. If you are single, ...

Dream meaning feet Dream meaning
1. To dream of a wooden leg,means you stand accused of fraud or dishonesty. 2. To dream of feet. indicates it is your feast. 3. To dream that you got blood on your feet, means there is something you do not like. 4. To dream you have your ...

Dream meaning ex boyfriend with new girlfriend Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation /My ex-boyfriend Expert: Hope - 9/2/2006 My ex boyfriend and I dated for 10 months for no reason we just split 3 months ago and when we did a week later he had a new girlfriend, and I thought I was fine with it until about 2 ...

Dream meaning ex Dream meaning
To dream about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or that you and your ex got back together indicates that people currently in your life are reminding you of those same feelings. This dream could be warning you that you are falling into a repeated pattern in relationships. You should consider the hars...

Dream meaning engagement ring Dream meaning
Interpretations The engagement ring is the symbol of love and relationship. The fact that the stones were coming out and yet the main stone stayed intact proves that your journey of love is not going to be devoid of problems. There will be hurdles and you are going to face some really t...

Dream meaning engagement Dream meaning
Engagement Do you have an upcoming engagement of your own in the next few months? If so, your dream mind may simply be recreating those visions and emotions from your daily life in your dreams. For you, a dream about an engagement may not signal anything more than the anxiety, the stres...

Dream meaning eagle Dream meaning
The Unconscious World of Dream (1) The eagle may an animus figure (see Glossary of Jungian Termnology) Here (2) eagles live in high palces and have been associated in primitive societies with the Sun God. An eagle may therefore appear in a dream as a messenger from a helpful so...

Dream meaning driving into water Dream meaning
Dream meaning, driving into water, over broken bridges. but still get there? I have this recurring dream. It's always something a little different, but I am driving or riding in very different kinds of vehicles (sometimes a sports car, sometimes an old truck, etc). I am also sometimes t...

Dream meaning dress Dream meaning
The dream dress is often a statement of how you feel about yourself at the time of the dream – attractive, clumsy, depressed, etc. It can also be a statement about what you are thinking about or desiring at the time – a wedding dress, an evening dress, etc. So the dress is often a statement ...

Dream meaning dog attack Dream meaning
Dog Bite Dream Interpretation Dog Biting Dreams Dog Biting Hands and Fingers The right hand represents strength and activity; it shows the human masculine side. The left hand represents the gentle side with generosity and femininity. A dream about dog ...

Dream meaning devil Dream meaning
For farmers to dream of the devil, denotes blasted crops and death among stock, also family sickness. Sporting people should heed this dream as a warning to be careful of their affairs, as they are likely to venture beyond the laws of their State. For a preacher, this dream is undeniable proof t...

Dream meaning crow Dream meaning
Dreaming about crow Posted on March 17, 2015 crowds. also see dream dictionary: people dreaming of being in a crowd may be indicative of our need to blend in; to not stand out, be accepted, and in some instances, cease thinking for ourselves. A crow attacking or eating som...

Dream meaning cooking Dream meaning
Cooking Dreams Cooking in a dream often represents a desire to satisfy an emotional or spiritual hunger. You may dream that someone is cooking you a meal when you are in need of emotional support or when you are feeling lost spiritually. If you dream that you are cooking a meal f...

Dream meaning colors Dream meaning
(Black; Blond; Bluish-black; Green; Maroon; Purple; Red; Reddish-brown; White; Yellow) The color black in a dream means prosperity, happiness or sickness. The color blond in a dream means war, sickness, piety, honor or a religious person. In a dream, the color blond also means cont...

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