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Fish dreams meaning pregnancy Dream meaning
To dream that you see fish in clear water streams indicates that you will find approval from the wealthy and the distinguished. For young women to dream of fish suggests that she will find a charming, good-looking mate. If the fish is swimming, then this could indicate conception. Some wo...

Fish dreams meaning Dream meaning
Fish Dreams Fish in dreams can symbolize ideas darting through the unconscious, since bodies of water, such as the sea or the ocean,  in dreams often represent the unconscious. Water is also associated with the emotions, so a dream about fish can have a strong emotional component. ...

Fire in dreams meaning Dream meaning
Fire in Dreams Dreaming of fire means there are certain things in your life that you cannot hold on to forever. It will eventually be a distant memory as fire consumes the tangibles and turn it into ash. Leave a Reply Cancel reply 5 thoughts on “Fir...

Find out the meaning of your dreams Dream meaning
Uncover the meaning of various sleep scenarios to learn more about your waking life Most Popular You find yourself back in high school, and are about to take an exam you're totally unprepared for. This is a classic stress dream, says Dr. Garfield. Nightmares of arri...

Fighting in my dream meaning Dream meaning
What Does My Dream Mean? Dreams About Fighting: An Interpretation of the Fighting Dream What Does the Fighting Dream Mean? Since the beginning of time, individuals have wished to recognize the significance with their dreams.The Fighting dream is no different from sever...

Elevator dreams meaning Dream meaning
Here are the meanings for several elevator dreams: Descending or falling elevators in dreams are usually negative, suggesting anxiety about losing social status or repressed emotions. A rising elevator also represents anxiety, but signifies that the trouble is almost over. A dream ...

Edgar allan poe dream within a dream meaning Dream meaning
Poem Analysis - Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe Dream Within a Dream Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow- You are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has fl...

Dying in your dreams meaning Dream meaning
Dreams about Graves Grave, GraveYard & Dying Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: Something within you has died. You must discover what it is and why it has been returned to the unconscious, here s...

Dying in your dream meaning Dream meaning
To dream that you die in your dream represents current internal alterations, changes, or growth. These dreams can conjure up a sense of anxiousness and alarm, and it is often labeled as something positive. These dreams signify that drastic adjustments within your life are coming. You are heading...

Dress dream meaning Dream meaning
The interpretation of the dream «Wedding Dress » Dream Interpretation Miller If you imagined a wedding dress, it's a dream for an early participation in any public works. They will give you pleasant emotions and new friends. The dress was soiled or in disarray - then you will...

Dreamy eyes meaning Dream meaning
Etymologies Connie sings along with it, paints her lipstick on, dreamy-eyed, relaxed about where it starts or stops, and when she switches to her hair, doesn't notice the split ends. As a result, attitudes towards our nation, and its character, are mixed, sometimes dreamy-eyed an...

Dreamweaver song meaning Dream meaning
Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver is a proprietary web development tool developed by Adobe Systems. Dreamweaver was created by Macromedia in 1997, [ 1 ] and was maintained by them until Macromedia was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005. [ 2 ] Adobe Dreamweaver is availabl...

Dreams while pregnant meaning Dream meaning
Dreams During Pregnancy If you are pregnant, you probably notice how vivid and wacky your dreams are. Some dreams are so realistic and intense that it can make you cry or make you mad. With pregnancy in the brain, your mind may be on overdrive. Dreaming serves as an outlet for thos...

Dreams the meaning Dream meaning
To dream of loving any object, denotes satisfaction with your present environments. To dream that the love of others fills you with happy forebodings, successful affairs will give you contentment and freedom from the anxious cares of life. If you find that your love fails, or is not recip...

Dreams symbols and their meanings Dream meaning
About Dream Symbols DREAM SYMBOLS -How They Work Not the Main Message Symbols are the building blocks of a dream but rarely contain the whole message. The main message is in the story itself. As you work w...

Dreams pregnant meaning Dream meaning
Pregnant in my Dream A young woman send this dream, and there are so may like it. I had a dream that I was 3 months pregnant. I don’t know who the father is but I have a feeling I know who. What does this mean? Will I get pregnant soon? Many women get pregnant in dream...

Dreams of tigers meaning Dream meaning
Dream of white tiger. Thanks so much for your response. 1. I did not feel scared or aprehensive. I actually felt in awe almost stunned (not in a scared way) and protected. I remember looking to my side and seeing the tiger's huge paws and looking up at the tiger's chest in wonder...

Dreams of possession meaning Dream meaning
A dream about exorcism is a dream about purging negative emotions and situations in your life. What your dream self is doing is declaring war on negative energies and situations that are creating conflict and stress in your life and allowing you to take back the control that you need. In your wa...

Dreams of poop meaning Dream meaning
What Does My Dream Mean? Dreams About Shit: An Interpretation of the Shit Dream What Does the Shit Dream Mean? Since the starting of history, people have needed to know the explanation of their dreams.The Shit dream isn’t different from other types of dreams....

Dreams of heaven meaning Dream meaning
Free special dream Analysis online dream interpretation give the meanings to dream. Share your own dream, and with the help of a free on line dream analyser interpretation, find out "What does my dream mean?". We provide a comfortable, free and anonymous environment to share your...

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