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Dream baby meaning Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: baby A baby or baby-related items can represent the need for self-nurturing, or responsibility for yourself or others. Dreaming that you are pregnant or that you have a baby you don't have in real life can mean: You could benefit from p...

Do dreams really have meanings Dream meaning
Do dreams really have a meaning? 30 Answer s Aside from indicating a high probability that you are asleep – no. A repetitive dream, possibly. I think dreams are very revealing of emotional states. I too have had that dream of the giant waves, but as there is no boy...

Do dreams have meaning behind them Dream meaning
10 Common Dreams And Why We Have Them Jul 13, 2011 | Updated Sep 12, 2011 Jordan K. Turgeon Senior Lifestyle Blog Editor, The Huffington Post The average human experiences a handful of dreams while they sleep each night -- the exact number ranges depending...

Do dream symbols have universal meanings Dream meaning
SYMBOLS and their M eaning Introduction Occult symbols are fast replacing Christian symbols in our culture. Therefore, we encourage you to use this list to warn others, especially Christian children who intentionally wear and display them because they are popular. K...

Dive for dreams meaning Dream meaning
To dream that you are diving into clear water suggests that there will be closure of a humiliating issue. You will endure some trouble, but things will work out in the end. This dream could also suggest that you are working to uncover the root of a difficult situation. It could also be represent...

Different types of dream catchers and their meanings Dream meaning - Native American Indian Pow Wows Curious, I can't give you an answer either, just a link. There are discriptions and pictures. Can't tell whether it's good info or not. Hm. After reading the link, seems plausable i know i did not start seeing them till the 70's so wh...

Diamond dream meaning Dream meaning
Association: Purity, clarity, treasure of lasting values. What is honorable for me? General Meanings: Diamond has a similar meaning as a brilliant, gem and jewelry. The purest and the hardest gemstone acts as a symbol of psychic wholeness. He ofte...

Cruise ship dream meaning Dream meaning
Meaning of Dream «Cruise» Dream Interpretation: Material Aspects Dreaming about cruise ships is indicative of bright prospects in life, especially if you see clear waters surrounding the ship. The condition of waters is very important in a dream concerned with cru...

Crab dream meaning Dream meaning
Crab (Dreams) Grabby, sting y, needy, or holding someone to a promise they made. Grumpiness or irritability. Emotion ally well -protected or insensitive. Dream ing of this animal can represent. Grabby, sting y, needy, or holding someone to a promise they made. Grumpiness or irrit...

Cougar dream meaning Dream meaning
Free special dream Analysis online dream interpretation give the meanings to dream. Share your own dream, and with the help of a free on line dream analyser interpretation, find out "What does my dream mean?". We provide a comfortable, free and anonymous environment to share your...

Corn dream meaning Dream meaning
Corn Dreams Corn in a dream is a symbol of fertility. This can mean physical fertility, the ability to produce children, but it can also mean mental fertility, the ability to generate new ideas and to invent and design new things. Corn can represent abundance, so if you dream abo...

Color meaning in dreams Dream meaning
White in Dreams The color, white has often been correlated with the notions of purity, innocence, and perfection. Thus, seeing the color white being very prevalent in your dreams insinuate that you are feeling very cognizant and alive about you and your environment. You feel fresh and w...

Clear water dream meaning Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Water Dream Meaning Water Dreams - the Hidden Meaning Psychological Meaning: Water usually represents our feelings and emotions. Like the waters of the womb...

Chasing dream meaning Dream meaning
Common Dreams: Being Chased | Dream Sleep Symbols Meaning of Chase Dream Chase Dreams: My young son has a recurring nightmare of being chased through woods by a black, shadowy figure. How can I help him overcome his fears? M T- Perth Aust. BEING CHASED...

Candle dream meaning Dream meaning
Dream Meaning of Candle To see candle in your dream may represent that you will live without forgetting your past, you know somebody’s value or be loyal towards people whom you take support until reaching your current status. To see that you light a candle in your dream ind...

Bride dream meaning Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation Bride The meaning of your dream subject, Bride, according to the ancient dream books and from 10,000 Dreams interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller, is detailed below: For a young woman to dream that she is a bride, foretells that she will shortly co...

Books on dreams and their meanings Dream meaning
Online Dream Analysis Reading Books About Dreams Your dreams are trying to speak to you. Find the best books about dreams here, and discover what they're trying to tell you! From the most important decision that will change every minute of your future. to the smallest question ab...

Books about dreams and meanings Dream meaning
Product Reviews I thought it was a very simplistic opinionated approach to dream interpretation that could mislead someone. Ask Christianbook Ask Christianbook Author/Artist Review Author: Ira Milligan Located in:...

Bleeding dream meaning Dream meaning
I had an intense vaginal bleeding dream last night - Iv had Satisfied Customers: 437 Experience: Psychologist specializing in anxiety and trauma recovery replied 3 years ago. Hello! Please remember that the elements of dreams are symbols that our unconscious minds u...

Black wolf dream meaning Dream meaning
What does a white wolf symbolize in dreams? The colour white symbolizes spiritual well-being, innocence, or cleansing. Wolves may appear in dreams when one has lost faith on a quest for something; the wolf appears to guide them and renew their hope. Another Perspective Wol...

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