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Indian dreamcatcher meaning Dream meaning
The Indian Dreamcatcher Beliefs Dreamcatchers have been part of Native American culture for generations. The dreamcatcher is rich in symbolism, with almost every part having meaning. The circular shape of the dreamcatcher represents the circle of life, with no beginning and no en...

In your dreams meaning Dream meaning
An evil bear or terrifying bears; such as bears that are trying to kill you and are chasing you, could speak of a fear of something in your life, like a fearful or painful situation of the present or past. The key is, if you are afraid of something you don't have peace. If you were being ...

Ice dream meaning Dream meaning
Ice (Dreams) Desire for or memories of fun, a fun activity, or special occasion cream with a certain person could mean that you feel happy when you're with that person Category(s): Objects. has also a symbol ic and spirit ual meaning, as it refers to you b...

I died in my dream meaning Dream meaning
I dreamed that my best friend died fastbookmark said: 10-25-2008 04:33 AM I dreamed that my best friend died I(male) dreamed that my very best friend(female) died.I am very disturbed by that dream.I personally believe in scientific explanation of dreams and I am curious ...

High school dream meaning Dream meaning
Free special dream Analysis online dream interpretation give the meanings to dream. Share your own dream, and with the help of a free on line dream analyser interpretation, find out "What does my dream mean?". We provide a comfortable, free and anonymous environment to share your...

Hamster dream meaning Dream meaning
Hamster (Dreams) Curious, nosey, tending to get into everything. The idea that focusing on the small things can bring big results. The feeling that something is pestering you, "gnawing away at you," or "nickel and diming" you. Curious, nosey, tending to get into everything. The i...

Grizzly bear dream meaning Dream meaning
BellaOnline 13548 Guest Author - BellaOnline Staff This article is temporarily unavailable, but this site has more content to browse through. To access, go to Archive in the right hand column and scroll down the list. At the foot of the page you will see more pages to scro...

Girl names meaning dream Dream meaning
Native American baby names for girls Kim Grundy is a mom, writer, expert laundry folder and sandwich maker, not necessarily in that order. Raised in Oklahoma, she is now a West Coast gal and lives in California with her husband and two sons, along with one dog, two fish (oo. Uni...

Giant spider dream meaning Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Giant Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: Giants can represent awe-inspiring powers that are dominating you or forcing you to take notice of them. ...

Free dream meanings Dream meaning
Keeping A Dream JournalĀ - Dream Analysis For the process of dream analysis, you must record the dream so the first step will be to begin keeping a dream journal of your dreams. It is a nightly record of every dream you have and all of the characters, details, setting and actions that a...

Food dream meaning Dream meaning
To dream about food suggests physical and spiritual sustenance and vitality. Different foods can represent a variety of things. Fruit usually represents sensuality. Frozen foods could indicate your indifference or cold demeanor. To dream that you are hoarding food suggests anxiety from no...

Finding money dream meaning Dream meaning
Money (Dreams) Money can be lost. gained, or spent in dream ing. Dreams about money are often really about power. control, and competency. Consequently, the large r perspective of who is interacting with you around money and what your role in the transaction is are ...

Fever dream meaning Dream meaning
Fever (Dreams) To dream of scarlet fever . foretells you are in danger of sickness. or in the power of an enemy. To dream a relative dies suddenly with it, foretells you will be overcome by villainous treachery. To dream of scarlet fever . foretells you are at risk ...

Falling in your dreams meaning Dream meaning
Falling in love in dreams SunshineCupcake said: 08-12-2008 08:26 AM I've had those dreams. they're the sort where you never ever want to wake up, but end up crying for what you've never really had. apachama said: 08-12-2008 10:14 AM I once had a dream where I had br...

Eurythmics sweet dreams meaning Dream meaning
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Songtext Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Songtext Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Some of them want to use you Some...

End of the world dreams meaning Dream meaning
I keep having dreams about the end of the world I keep having dreams about the end of the world Hello everyone, For 3 nights in a row I have been having dreams about the end of the world. The first night I dreamed that I was in the street with some friends and som...

Elusive dream meaning Dream meaning
My Elusive Dreams lyrics New! Read & write lyrics explanations Highlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. Tom Jones – My Elusive Dreams lyrics You followed me to Texas, you followed me to Utah, We didn't find it t...

Elephants dream meaning Dream meaning
1. If you Feed or give drink to an elephant in your dream, you are to get rich quick. 2. If you are dreaming that the elephant has attacked you, it means that in your difficulties, there will be a valuable lesson. 3. If you see elephants in your sleep, then you are to get good news...

Elephant dreams meaning Dream meaning
Elephant Dream Symbol Elephant – An elephant is a symbol of patience and memory. It can be an indication that you need to slow down and contemplate a future plan of action. The elephant indicates subconscious wisdom, and as such will often lead you accurately when...

Dying in a dream meaning Dream meaning
To dream of dying, foretells that you are threatened with evil from a source that has contributed to your former advancement and enjoyment. To see others dying, forebodes general ill luck to you and to your friends. To dream that you are going to die, denotes that unfortunate inatt...

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