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Dream of girlfriend cheating meaning Dream meaning
Cheating Spouse Dream The cheating spouse dream is one of the common dreams that is experienced both by men and women. What triggers the cheating spouse dreams? 1. There might be something playing in your subconscious mind regarding your relationship with your partn...

Dream of flying meaning Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: Flying Dream meaning: Flying For most of us, flying dream mean out body rises from the earth, but flying can also be symbolized by being inside flying vehicles, in which case you are usually not flying under your own power. In the Freudian view, flying represents ...

Dream of fire meaning Dream meaning
Meaning of Dream «Fire» Dream Interpretation: Ordinary meaning Reviewing the dream in detail, such a dream is related to the correlated even that has happened in your life. Dreaming of flames imply the barriers related to emotions that are required to be overcome....

Dream of cats meaning Dream meaning
Other Answers You are asking the wrong question. Or at least, an incomplete one. Dreaming with a cat will have a different meaning depending on the dreamer, since the dream is directly correlated to the dreamer. So, what I am trying to say is that you are the only person who can give a ...

Dream meanings zombies Dream meaning
Free special dream Analysis online dream interpretation give the meanings to dream. Dream title : zombies Dream story : I dreamed I was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and to keep moving and fight on occasion. Later I made love to one of my female companions,...

Dream meanings plane crash Dream meaning
BellaOnline 12891 Guest Author - BellaOnline Staff This article is temporarily unavailable, but this site has more content to browse through. To access, go to Archive in the right hand column and scroll down the list. At the foot of the page you will see more pages to scro...

Dream meanings killing someone Dream meaning
Dream Symbol Killing or wanting to kill often represents a desire for power or control, often based in feelings of powerlessness. Killing someone can mean: You'd like to take power from whomever or whatever that person represents in your real life, perhaps so you can feel l...

Dream meanings having a baby Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: Baby Dream meaning: Baby A desire for a child; innocent or infantile aspect of the Self calling for attention/recognition; acknowledgment of a needy inner child; an expression of infantile desires you are not quite ready to abandon; concern about, caring for, or ...

Dream meanings finding money Dream meaning
I dreamed I was finding coins on the ground and picking them replied 4 years ago. Dream Symbolist. Thank you for sharing. I am happy to help you understand this dream. Remember, the key is in the details. Can you tell me more of the coins? Were they a specific type of coin...

Dream meanings fighting Dream meaning
Free special dream Analysis online dream interpretation give the meanings to dream. Share your own dream, and with the help of a free on line dream analyser interpretation, find out "What does my dream mean?". We provide a comfortable, free and anonymous environment to share your...

Dream meanings falling Dream meaning
I dream that my youngest child (son) falls off a rocky cliff into the ocean. I then jump into save him but cannot find him. Then I wake. I have also had this dream one other time but with a friends child that falls. Twice it has been my youngest child and once my friends child. This is upsetting...

Dream meanings drowning Dream meaning
Drowning Dreams If you dream that you are drowning, you could be feeling that you are in a situation over which you have no control. You could feel that you have been placed, or that you have placed yourself, in a situation that you cannot handle by yourself. Water often symboliz...

Dream meaningd Dream meaning
Dream Central's Online Dream Dictionary! Take a look at what we have accumulated. We now have a very precise advanced dream dictionary in addition to this on. It is in our discussion forums. It is called; Advanced dream dictionary, and you can not only add a word, you can searc...

Dream meaning wedding dress Dream meaning
Wedding Dress Wedding dress. Feelings and hopes about relationship and wedding; in a negative dream it represents anxieties about ones relationship or the future. Wedding dress given by mother: Qualities and strengths absorbed from mother in regard to relationship; letting go of ...

Dream meaning vomit Dream meaning
Vomiting (Dreams) A desire to get rid of something in your life, perhaps because it is overloading you or because it is mentally or emotion ally toxic (it brings you down ) Refusing to accept something in your life—a situation, a change, a person, etc. "Being sick of...

Dream meaning suicide Dream meaning
To dream that you commit suicide suggests that you have run out of ways to deal with certain problems or issues in your life. None of the methods are proving to be successful. It's possible that you are feeling remorse and instead of expressing those emotions, you are chastising yourself. On a m...

Dream meaning shower Dream meaning
Association: What I want to cleans from myself? General Meanings: Cleaning from inside Shower in the dream has a similar meaning to washing and bathing. The dream symbol of shower symbolizes the process of cleansing the conscience and the regeneration of...

Dream meaning shooting Dream meaning
Dream dictionary Shoot - what does Shoot dream mean? To dream of shooting implies that you know exactly what you want from life and you are following the correct path to achieve that objective. To dream that you shoot a person with a gun indicates that you harbor ...

Dream meaning scorpion Dream meaning
Dream Meaning of Scorpion To see a scorpion in a dream refers to good news and smooth sailing. To see that you feed the scorpion in your dream signifies that even if the fulfillment of your opinions about your school or job lasts long, they will happen. To dream that a sco...

Dream meaning rats Dream meaning
To dream of rats symbolizes the presence of extremely disagreeable or distasteful thoughts. Alternatively, it signifies feelings of uncertainty, guilt, envy, or other repressed emotions that are eating at you. It may also stand for someone who personifies the characteristics of a 'rat.'...

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