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Meaning of pipe dream Dream meaning
This page provides all possible meanings and translations of the word pipe dream Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: pipe dream, dream (noun) Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: A plan, desire, or idea that w...

Meaning of horses in dreams Dream meaning
Dreams About Horses - Meaning of Horse In Dreams Dream Horse (Pegasus) Symbolic Meaning of Horse In Dreams Horse means strength, Hidden talent, Force, Excitement, Unpredictability, Energy and Hope. You have to understand that Horse is a sign of hope in any dreams. You wo...

Meaning of dreams with teeth falling out Dream meaning
Toothless Dream Meaning I regularly dream that my teeth are falling out. I've heard that this is quite a common dream and would like to know what it means. Can you explain? This classic dream has a number of interpretations. It can literally mean that you are frightened of...

Meaning of dreams pregnancy Dream meaning
Pregnancy (Dreams) Pregnancy Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: Real pregnancy - But it is very possible that vision about pregnancy in a dream is an actual pregnancy or the wish for it. Fertility issues. has two point s of ...

Meaning of dreams being chased Dream meaning
Dreams of Being Chased People often wonder what secret meaning their dreams hold. One of the most common dreams people experience is that of being chased. Some people will find themselves chased by an attacker, some may be chased by dogs, and others may even be chased by bizarre things ...

Meaning of dreams about death Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation: The Dying Dream (Or Someone You Love Dying) When you have a dying dream or someone you love dies in your dream, it’s not only scary and overwhelming, it can also lead to intense fear. Worry not, most dying dreams aren’t about dying at all, and sometimes, they m...

Meaning of death dreams Dream meaning
Death in Dreams Although most of us don't like to think about it, we all know that everyone will die some day. No matter how much you try to avoid thinking about the death of a loved one or your own death, at some stage in your life, your unconscious mind will start trying to prepare yo...

Meaning of blood in dreams Dream meaning
Blood in Dream Seeing blood in your dreams represents vitality. It reminds us of mortality, where blood is essential to all life. The more vibrant the color of the blood means you life a rich life, and full of energy. Where as in a dream of blood bleeding, your energies are being...

Meaning of birds in dreams Dream meaning
Leave a Reply Cancel reply One thought on “Birds in Dreams” Post navigation Dream Dictionary & Dream Meanings is a dream dictionary to understanding Birds in Dreams. the starting point for dream analysis. dream meanings. and dream interpr...

Meaning of being pregnant in a dream Dream meaning
What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean? Whether you tend to remember your dreams or not, having a dream about being pregnant is pretty unforgettable. I'm sure you can relate to that panicky feeling, where you suddenly wake up and reach for your belly just to make sure. That kind of dream is so v...

Meaning of being chased in a dream Dream meaning
ZoltarSpeaks To dream that you are being chased by a lion shows that you have so many problems in life thatВ are pending and need to be solved. It also implies that without getting the perfect solutions to theseВ problems in good time, there is a possibility that you are heading tow...

Meaning of bees in dreams Dream meaning
Christianity Board Do "bee's" ever have any biblical. Red_Letters88 25 Feb 2008 Christina 25 Feb 2008 DrBubbaLove 25 Feb 2008 Christina 25 Feb 2008 ...

Meaning in dreams Dream meaning
Bear Dream Interpretation and Meaning When a bear is part of your dream, be aware that you are dealing with a symbol of power. Although many people associate a bear with aggression and danger, the bear has traditionally been a complex dream symbol, representing both positive and negativ...

Lost dream meaning Dream meaning
Lost (Dreams) Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren Being lost depicts confusion ; loss of motivation or ability to make clear decisions. Sometimes suggests issues in your life have arisen and have not been notice d and you are being negatively influence d. In which case consider th...

Lightning dream meaning Dream meaning
Lightning in your dreams, foreshadows happiness and prosperity of short duration. If the lightning strikes some object near you, and you feel the shock, you will be damaged by the good fortune of a friend, or you may be worried by gossipers and scandalmongers. To see livid lightnin...

Langston hughes dream deferred meaning Dream meaning
Dream Deferred What happens to a dream deferred? Or fester like a sore— And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over— More by Langston Hughes Be nice: Great Keep on it Amazing The Red Vine. I've read...

Ladybug dream meaning Dream meaning
Dreaming about ladybug Posted on March 18, 2015 dreaming of a ladybug is very good luck good fortune is coming to you A lady bug in a dream represents fortune, prosperity and attractiveness on the other hand the dream could just be a metaphor about something annoying or bu...

Just a dream meaning Dream meaning
Just A Dream Lyrics Submit Corrections Cancel I was thinking bout her, thinkin' bout me Thinkin' bout us, what we gon' be Open my eyes yeah, it was only Just A Dream So I traveled back, down that road Will she come back, no one knows I was think...

Islamic dream meanings Dream meaning
Islamic Dream IBN SEERIN’S and IMAM JAFAR AL-SADIQ  DICTIONARY OF DREAMS According To Islamic Inner Traditions This dictionary of dreams contains over 4689 indexed entries. INTRODUCTION TO ISLAMIC DREAM MEANINGS Most dream i...

House fire dream meaning Dream meaning
Full Answer Related Questions What does it mean when you dream of vomiting? To dream of vomiting could indicate that there is an aspect of life that the dreamer thinks he needs to let go and move on from because it can be causing pain, according to dreamdiction...

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