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Biblical meaning of dreams and visions Dream meaning
Understanding Dreams & Visions Course Description Does God speak through dreams? Why would He use such a mysterious form of communication? What does that mean to you? This course, developed by John Paul Jackson from more than 30 years of experience and study, has ...

Biblical meaning of colors in dreams Dream meaning
Colors Christian Dream Symbol A Christian symbol or icon is an image or symbolic representation, such as the Colors, with sacred significance which can manifest itself in a dream. Christian symbols and symbolism which can appear in a dream often contain a moral or religious lesson ...

Bees dream meaning Dream meaning
INTERPRETATION You were under attack in your dream suggesting you were feeling under attack in your waking life at the time. Before thinking about the bees, can you relate to feeling under attack, perhaps at work, or in your personal life? When you feel under attack, you may resp...

Baby dreams meaning Dream meaning
Having a Baby in Dreams Having a baby in a dream can most likely represent commitment or the wanting of a family. You may be afraid that maybe having a baby will result in you being committed to your partner. Or it can be because you and your partner are expecting a baby, and the excite...

Ants dream meaning Dream meaning
Dream interpretation: Black ants Pete dreamed of hundreds of black ants streaming out from a hole in his foot. What do you think it means? He posted his dream to last week’s one day dream forum. run by Brisbane Times. I thought you’d enjoy this one: Pete’s dream...

Animal meanings in dreams Dream meaning
When we were growing in our mother’s womb, we passed through the whole spectrum of evolution. You grew from a tiny seed in your mother’s womb, and as it did so it took you through the whole process of evolution, through the vegetative ...

Animal dream meanings Dream meaning
Animal Totems Animal totems.   by Presley Love    "As you being to explore the symbols and meanings of totem animals and animal symbolism, you will find that the wisdom and meaning of their symbolic and awe inspiring messages bring remarkable insigh...

Alligator dreams meaning Dream meaning
To see an alligator in your dream represents dishonesty, deception, and a false facade. It may indicate that you should step back and reevaluate your position or view of a certain matter. It may also represent your ability to move between the material world of waking life and the emotional, repr...

Zombies dream meaning Dream meaning
Zombie (Dreams) Someone who is not "alive " emotion ally—not in touch with their humanity, compass ion, feeling s, etc. Dream ing that you are a zombie indicates that you are physically and/or emotion ally detached from people and situations that are current ly surro...

Yellow dream meaning Dream meaning
Yellow Dream Interpretation and Meaning Yellow Dreams Could Be Good or Bad The meaning of a “yellow” dream depends on whether it was a good dream or a bad one. This color has what may be referred to as both positive and negative meaning. So first, you must determine whether o...

Wolf dreamcatcher tattoo meaning Dream meaning
37 Best Wolf Tattoo Designs and Meanings Wolves are animals of symbolism in many religions and cultures. Their presence and persona can be perceived as both good and evil. If you are thinking about getting a wolf tattoo, you may want to approach the project from a speci...

Wolf dreamcatcher meaning Dream meaning
Wolf Tattoos: Designs, Ideas, and Meanings Richard Ricky Hale (thelyricwriter) 712 Followers Wolf Tattoos The History, Meaning, and Associations of the Wolf Tattoo The wolf is a very symbolic creature that holds deep meaning for many different cultures throughou...

Window dream meaning Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation Window To see windows in your dreams, is an augury of fateful culmination to bright hopes. You will see your fairest wish go down in despair. Fruitless endeavors will be your portion. To see closed windows is a representation of desertion. If they are broken,...

White dog dream meaning Dream meaning
This web site designed and maintained by Dream Moods, Inc. Email the webmaster at dreammoods dot com with questions or comments about this web site. Copyright 2000-2014 Dream Moods, Inc. All rights reserved. Content within this website is registered with the US Libra...

White cat dream meaning Dream meaning
Dream Dictionary Cat Bite If you dream that you have a cat bit or are being bitten by a cat, it means that this creature that you have taken under your control, this creature that has been your responsibility, is scorning you and making you feel bad. So what does this image symbolize in...

What dreams may come movie meaning Dream meaning
ratings & reviews What Dreams May Come has the sensibilities of an art film placed into a big-budget feature with an A-list cast. show more August 04, 2013 ebarnish I was completely surprised by this surreal, unusual and beautiful love story. Cannot believe that I haven\&#...

What dreams may come meaning Dream meaning
Eugens Senior Member Argentina Spanish I don't understand the meaning of this sentence: "What dreams may come." I know it's the title of a movie (which, by the way, I have never watched, I just encountered that sentence once in a WR'...

Waves dream meaning Dream meaning
Tidal Wave in Dreams Dreaming of a tidal wave is symbolic of an incoming force crashing and devastating you. Tidal waves are enormous waves that come crashing in after building up. When tied in with life, this may mean that you are ignoring or putting off troubles, but like a tidal wave...

Water meaning in dreams Dream meaning
To dream of clear water, foretells that you will joyfully realize prosperity and pleasure. If the water is muddy, you will be in danger and gloom will occupy Pleasure's seat. If you see it rise up in your house, denotes that you will struggle to resist evil, but unless you see it s...

Volcano dream meaning Dream meaning
Association: Outbreak of unconscious or repressed material. What do I have to clarify? In general: The volcano is a very eloquent vision, not least because of its unpredictability. A volcano goes off, this can mean either that the dreamer has “killed offR...

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