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Dream meanings rape Dream meaning
Rape (Dreams) When you dream of rape. this can be a reaction to your own past trauma that was either sexual abuse or moles tation. I dream my wife rape shouting I couldn ‘t do any thing, what does that mean can anyone help esplain it zozo says. Q...

Dream meanings fire Dream meaning
To dream of fire can represent a variety of things. It can represent devastation, enthusiasm, passion, enlightenment, change, or anger. It could indicate that something is finally letting go of you, thus making room for new possibilities. Your opinions may be transforming. If the fire is under c...

Dream meanings baby Dream meaning
Baby (Dreams) may represent something new in your life. Does it cry for attention or do you feel content with this new situation? A items could mean that one of these things could be on your mind right now: or infancy The need for self-nurturing, ...

Dream meaning zombies Dream meaning
Any dream about about zombies – also called the living dead – may carry a powerful message to you. If you are the zombie in your dream, it is a signal that you are feeling very detached from all of the normal, everyday things going on around you. You may be emotionally numb an...

Dream meaning train Dream meaning
Train station General Meanings: Train station stands for movement, which comes into development, or urges for more private activity. Our life train stands in dimly lit indoor track of the station. Such stations are important, they are the starting point for our various life bec...

Dream meaning tiger Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Tiger Dreams Psychological Meaning: A tiger may symbolise something that frightens you. It may represent repressed feelings and emotions or a situat...

Dream meaning snake bite Dream meaning
Words, Dreams & Visions SNAKEBITE DREAM! A few months ago I had a dream, and in the dream my youngest daughter and I were flying over a new desert neighborhood. The topography was like rolling hills. We weren’t in an airplane, but sitting on a bar, like t...

Dream meaning shark Dream meaning
BellaOnline 18618 Guest Author - BellaOnline Staff This article is temporarily unavailable, but this site has more content to browse through. To access, go to Archive in the right hand column and scroll down the list. At the foot of the page you will see more pages to scro...

Dream meaning running Dream meaning
Run Running This is usually about exuberance, flowing life energy, or strong and easy motivation. You can run to or run away, or even run from someone or something, so it is important in some dreams to define which one it is. Also it is important to define if you are running to g...

Dream meaning plane crash Dream meaning
Plane Crash in Dreams Dreaming of a plane crash means your fear of flying is surfacing before a trip or vacation. This anxiety can be triggered by news events of airplanes failing and disappearing into the ocean. The worst aspect of plane crashes is that survivors are far and few in bet...

Dream meaning of being pregnant Dream meaning
Spiritual Meaning: There is always a gestation period in spiritual work. We may have to be patient and wait for a natural process to take place so that we can fulfil a task. Psychological / Emotional Perspective: To dream of someone else being pregnant suggests...

Dream meaning naked Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Naked Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: To dream of being naked may indicate that you feel vulnerable and exposed. You may feel that you are unab...

Dream meaning murder Dream meaning
Murder (Dreams) To see murder committed in your dreams. foretells much sorrow arising from the misdeeds of others. Affair will assume dulness. Violent death s will come under your notice. To see murder committed in your dreams. foretells much sorrow arising from the...

Dream meaning lion Dream meaning
It is a symbol of the great and hot valor. You are bursting with energy and vital power. see: a true friend see running: some events that will cost you a lot of stress see it in the wild: you may encounter dangerous opponents see sleeping: ...

Dream meaning kissing Dream meaning
Kiss (Dreams) Kiss / Kiss ing Association: To kiss a brother or sister. denotes much pleasure and good in your association. To kiss her in the light. signifies honorable intentions occupy your mind always in connection with women. ...

Dream meaning house Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: house A house, apartment, flat, or any place of residence often represents you or your life, even if the dream residence does not resemble your actual residence. The events in the dream residence may represent events in your life. A house can also represent security, comfo...

Dream meaning horse Dream meaning
Horse (Dreams) is a dream symbol of great significance. The races are very random and unpredictable events so they can something which you feel is inherently difficult to predict. racing is also associated with sleazy money making so if that reminds you ...

Dream meaning fish Dream meaning
Dream Meaning of Fish To see fish in a dream symbolizes a big chance. Fish dreams means fortune by any means. To feed fish or fodder to them in your dream represents that you will have a regular income. To dream that you see mass fish in sea or lake signifies that you will...

Dream meaning falling Dream meaning
Planes falling out the sky June 22, 2012 By: cheekyparker12 My dream had two different events which for me were so real and usual, as I rarely remember my dreams and never feel like I have died. Part 1 of the dream was I was standing out in a field when I looked up ...

Dream meaning elevator Dream meaning
Elevator (Dreams) Ability or mobility in life, especially great ability to succeed or fail Your movement between the level s of consciousness (subconscious, conscious, spirit ual, etc.), which are represented by arriving at various floor s. To dream of ascend ing in an ...

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