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Proposal dream meaning Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: proposal A marriage proposal can represent a culmination or milestone in a romantic relationship, or you'd like to proposed to someone or receive a proposal, or you'd like to be in a marriage with someone, or it could reflect the closeness you have/had in ...

Pool dream meaning Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Swimming Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: Expanses of water usually symbolises the unconscious. Dreaming of swimming shows how you trust the unc...

Polar bear dream meaning Dream meaning
Polar bear General Meanings: Unhappy love Ancient dream books the symbol of polar interprets as a warning against disappointment by a loved one. The coldness of your partner will make you sad and unhappy. Need of psychological or spiritual reaw...

Pipe dreams meaning Dream meaning
14 Synonyms found for pipe dream Example Sentences for pipe dream I've heard tell of Jacob's vision of angels passing up and down, but I mostly allowed it was a pipe dream. "Yes, I know that pipe dream ," his Honor interrupted pleasantly....

Party dream meaning Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: surprise party Someone throwing you a surprise party may mean that you could use a little more positive attention or recognition from those around you, or perhaps you've received a surprise lately. Category(s): Events Using this Dream Dictionary Tips...

Native american dream meanings Dream meaning
This web site designed and maintained by Dream Moods, Inc. Email the webmaster at dreammoods dot com with questions or comments about this web site. Copyright 2000-2014 Dream Moods, Inc. All rights reserved. Content within this website is registered with the US Libra...

Mouse dream meaning Dream meaning
Dreaming of mice or pests means you are focusing too much on the little things in life that bother you. Move forward from petty annoyances. Alternatively, if you are afraid of the mouse, you do not think highly of yourself. If the dream is developed around the mice, for exam...

Monkey dream meaning Dream meaning
Meaning of Dream «Monkey» Dream Interpretation: Islamic interpretation Monkey dream indicates an individual with all kinds of faults. Beating and fighting with a monkey in the dream means falling ill and then recovering from that illness. In the dream, if m...

Meaning of vivid dreams Dream meaning
Related Content Examples of lucid His lucid history of this grim subject is scrupulously accurate, so far as I am able to judge … —Richard A. Posner, New Republic. 8 Apr 2002 “You would like me to read to you?” “You would oblige me grea...

Meaning of the dreams Dream meaning
In his dream he was sitting in a theatre watching a play. You say that someone has a dream. The other night I had a strange dream . Sam has bad dreams every night. You don't usually say that someone ' drea...

Meaning of my dreams Dream meaning
Subscribe to Chat ``When he was set down on the Judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, `Have thou nothing to do with that just man; for I have suffered many things this day in a dream, because of him.' To dream that you are abandoned, denote...

Meaning of lucid dreams Dream meaning
Lucid Dreams Franz Ferdinand Sweep slides on my stereo Short wave 'round my rodeo Became from that of Savalon But I'm flying to Istanbul Oh so why don't you meet me, there? There is no nation of you There is no nation of me ...

Meaning of losing teeth in dreams Dream meaning
Interpreting Nightmares about Lost Teeth Lost Teeth as Symbols of Personal Loss and Grief The bottom line to teeth that fall out is dreams is obvious: something important is lost. The loss of teeth in dreams can symbolize a fear of losin...

Meaning of frogs in dreams Dream meaning
To dream of catching frogs, denotes carelessness in watching after your health, which may cause no little distress among those of your family. To see frogs in the grass, denotes that you will have a pleasant and even-tempered friend as your confidant and counselor. To see a bullfro...

Meaning of flying dreams Dream meaning
FLYING / FLIGHT Spiritual Meaning: Flight is a common image when seeking spiritual freedom. To be flying upwards is to be moving towards a more spiritual appreciation of our lives, while to be flying downwards is to be making an attempt to understand the subconscious and a...

Meaning of dreams of snakes Dream meaning
Any reptile in your dreams may depict your surface feeling reactions to that creature, such as like or dislike, attraction or repulsion. But in many cases reptiles such as a snake or lizards are used to portray your very basic instinctive responses to life, such as the fear reaction, flight or f...

Meaning of dreams flying Dream meaning
The dreamer’s basic ambition, drive, goals, and dreams. If the dreamer is flying like a bird, then he can accomplish his goals almost on his own. If the dreamer is flying in an airplane, or other sort of airship, he will need assistance. If the weather around him is turbul...

Meaning of dreaming with snakes Dream meaning
When you dream of someone, is it because that person was thinking about you before he went to sleep? Full Answer Snakes can also appear in dreams as an animal spirit guide or animal totem. In these dreams, snake bring guidance to the dreamer about his or her life path and lead ...

Meaning of dreaming of spiders Dream meaning
Meaning of Dream «Spider» Dream Interpretation: Material Aspects Spider is an 8 legged insect that is scary for most people. However, you need not worry if you see this creepy creature in your dreams. It is a very creative insect known for its ability to build web...

Meaning of dogs in dreams Dream meaning
Dogs (Dreams) Dream ing of a vicious dog. denotes enemies and unalterable misfortune. Dream ing that a dog fondles you, indicates great gain and constant friends. Dream ing of owning a dog with fine qualities, denotes that you will be possessed of solid wealth. To see dogs...

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