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Train dreams meaning Dream meaning
1. To dream you see a moving train. means you will enjoy the fruits of success and well done. 2. To dream you miss a train. suggests you will miss your chance. 3. To dream you see train travel in first class, sugge...

Tiger in dream meaning Dream meaning
Bengal Tiger in Dreams Dreaming of a Bengal tiger means the show of power and royalty. You demand respect from peers because of the accomplishment in your field. People normally gravitate towards you to seek out knowledge and protection. Leave a Reply Cancel reply...

The meaning of your dreams Dream meaning
The Meaning of Dreams Did you dream last night? Is a vivid dream you had last week still on your mind? Or perhaps you woke up and couldn’t remember what you’d dreamt about even though it was so good you didn’t want it to end. Dreams are a common part of everyone’s beauty res...

Teeth dreams meaning Dream meaning
Common Dream: Losing Teeth TEETH FALLING OUT DREAM What does it mean for teeth to fall out in a dream? I dreamed that my teeth were falling out. In real life, my teeth are perfectly all right even though I’m 39 years old. Why should I have this dream? Kati...

Swimming pool dream meaning Dream meaning
Swimming (Dreams) Swimming in troubled water s or in high tide s in a dream means adversities, or having to face a strong opponent. Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren. Swimming can represent moving forward in your life or trying to achieve a goal (get somewhere in y...

Stairs dream meaning Dream meaning
To dream that you are walking up a stairway implies that you are advancing towards enlightenment and comprehension. Your hidden emotions are being revealed To dream that you are walking down a stairway suggests that there are still thoughts and emotions that you have yet to express. It al...

Spiritual dream meaning Dream meaning
Free shipping orders over $25 “I took the essence of my years of dream interpretation training and what I look for as a dream expert. I also found a way to teach people that would allow them to catch on quickly through an accelerated dream learning process.” Doug Addison...

Spider dreams meaning Dream meaning
An ancient symbol for weaving, and thus for creativity. The dreamer may be going through a rough time in life, and need to find a creative solution to resolve the situation. Dreaming of a spider can be reassuring: You have it in you to find the solution. If the spider seems threate...

Spider bite dream meaning Dream meaning
Bite Bitten Biting This suggests aggression. Or it could be the desire to suckle the breast hidden under aggression – this applies to women equally as to men. A hurt from someone or something; something has got into you that has ‘wounded’ or poisoned you. Being bitten can also...

Snakes in a dream meaning Dream meaning
White Snake Dream Interpretation ANONYMOUS DREAM SUBMISSION – WHITE SNAKE DREAM INTERPRETATION Aloha Dr. Howard, I just woke up and the last dream I can recall was I was walking through an airport with a piece of rolling carry on luggage; and the luggage was designed to ...

Snake meaning in dream Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Snakes Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: The snake is one of the world’s oldest symbols found in some of the most ancient sculptures. They ...

Shoes dream meaning Dream meaning
Wearing comfortable shoes or shoes that you love in your dream indicate you are becoming comfortable with all parts of your personality. If you dream that your shoes are dirty and ragged, you will make enemies if you continue to criticize people. New shoes signify positive changes. Losing...

Scorpion dream meaning Dream meaning
Scorpion in Dreams Scorpions are poisonous and dangerous. A dream about scorpions are often accompanied by pending doom and destruction. Maybe someone has hurled hurtful words towards your way, and you feel your world being destroyed by what they did. Leave a Reply Cancel...

School dream meaning Dream meaning
Back at School in Dream Being back at school in a dream is a classic sign of something being undone. When you’re back in school, you’re typically there to work. The mind sending you back to school can be because you’re slacking off, and you need to work on something th...

Recurring dream meaning Dream meaning
Your 5 Most Common Recurring Dreams Every single night when the warm blanket of sleep envelopes our bodies, we each leave the outer world behind and fall into our own inner world. Sometimes it’s a world of talking animals, sometimes it’s a world of monsters and hungry zombies, and s...

Puppy dream meaning Dream meaning
Puppy (Dreams) I think you are the puppy in the dream - vulnerable, loving, and loyal. Your ex was always going away by his moods and behavior - hot and cold and looking at dating sites. Thus in the dream he's going away, and you, the puppy. do not follow . Puppies ...

Pig dream meaning Dream meaning
Pig Dream Interpretation and Meaning A dream of a pig indicates that you should think about your negative characteristics or examine the negative features evident in those around you. The pig, in general, is not associated with many positive concepts, but tends to suffer from cultural v...

Peeing blood dream meaning Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Urine Dreams Psychological Meaning: Urine may represent the feelings that you reject. You are trying to cleanse yourself of the things that you cons...

Name meaning dream Dream meaning
USA Psychic Dream Interpretation Services Click Here Dream Meanings A-Z: Names Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: Names can sometimes contain puns that reveal the meaning of your dream. For example, a Mr Swift may be yo...

Most common dreams and their meanings Dream meaning
Top 10 Common Dreams And Their Meanings - Religion - Nairaland Everyone dreams (even if we don’t always remember them after the fact) and researchers have found that the majority of us have dreams with similar themes. For years people have tried to uncover the meaning of dreams—the ...

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