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Dream meaning hand Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation Hand If you see beautiful hands in your dream, you will enjoy great distinction, and rise rapidly in your calling; but ugly and malformed hands point to disappointments and poverty. To see blood on them, denotes estrangement and unjust censure from members of your f...

Dream meaning gunshot Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: noise A sound or noise can have many different meanings. Consider the type of noise, how you feel about it, and its context. Possibilities include: Activity Celebration Chaos or stress The presence of someone else ...

Dream meaning green snake Dream meaning
Green (Dreams) The color green can represent life or new life, nature. freshness, vigor, coolness, or a relaxing environment. green stone pendant s dream interpretations The color green can represent life or new life, nature. freshness, vigor, coolness...

Dream meaning grandfather Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: grandfather Your real-life grandfather An authority or caretaker figure Unconditional love and support, wisdom, understanding, or mature masculinity, or anything you associate with a grandfather A spiritual authority figure or wise elder in...

Dream meaning gold ring Dream meaning
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Dream meaning gold necklace Dream meaning
Dream Meaning of Necklace To see a necklace in your dream may indicate that you will take responsibility, your income and profit will increase with this responsibility and you will gain trust. If the necklace is expensive, attractive and bright in your dream, it means that your i...

Dream meaning glass Dream meaning
To dream about glass represents tranquility or safety. You could be building a wall around you so that you don't get hurt in a relationship or other situation. To dream that you are drinking from a glass foretells good fortune. To dream that you are looking through glass indicates ...

Dream meaning giving birth to a dead baby Dream meaning
Free special dream Analysis online dream interpretation give the meanings to dream. DREAM ANALYSIS giving birth to a baby girl You take your time, and will think carefully before taking the slightest decision. You would be able to create something original, nov...

Dream meaning giving birth to a baby Dream meaning
Thread: Man giving birth to a baby. Man giving birth to a baby. thanks for reading my dream and any help interpreting this one would be greatly appreciated. I would like to note before you read this that I'm a 44 year old mother of 5 and have been married for 24 years. I don't...

Dream meaning gift Dream meaning
Meaning of Dream «Gift» Dream Interpretation: Material Aspects A gift in a dream can be a representation of a talent, skill and knowledge that you possess. It could also mean that you have a happy family life or even a fulfilling career, bringing great happiness t...

Dream meaning funeral Dream meaning
Hearse Dreams Hearses are associated with death, and death in dreams often represents change, so if you dream about a hearse, you could be going through an important change in your life. A dream that you are driving a hearse to a funeral can be a message that you have to rid your...

Dream meaning fruit Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: Fruit Dream meaning: Fruit Ripeness; abundance; fertility; earthly desires; a project that is finally bearing fruit. It is related to the egg because at its center is the seed of the future. When cut open, some fruits (bananas, cucumbers, melons) exhibit the arche...

Dream meaning friends Dream meaning
Friends (Dreams) If you see friends in your dream. this indicates that you need to better relate to people around you. If you know the identity of the friend in your dream. you need to be able to look at the relationship with that person in order to find ways to improve it. ...

Dream meaning friend dies Dream meaning
Other Answers What does she represent? is she the same sex? how she dies? does she look like in real life? etc - one can't answer at the very high abstract level with any accuracy The value may be in something you can't quite appreciate or are not ready to see, and it m...

Dream meaning forum Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation, Meanings, Dictionary and Analysis Welcome to the Dream Interpretation Source, here to help you understand what your dreams mean. We already know several things about you. You recently awoken up from a dream and knew that there was a deeper meaning. You feel that y...

Dream meaning folding clothes Dream meaning
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Dream meaning flower Dream meaning
Chrysanthemum Dream dictionary Chrysanthemum - what does Chrysanthemum dream mean? Chrysanthemum – Dream Symbol Interpretation The typical grave jewellery flower is valid as a funereal symbol – or to say goodbye as a request of the subconscious...

Dream meaning floor collapsing Dream meaning
Dreaming about collapse Posted on March 17, 2015 dreaming of a collapse, suggests that you will fail and not succeed in what you started dreaming that something collapses itself, suggests that you need friendly advice and support To dream that you collapse implies that you...

Dream meaning flood water Dream meaning
Train in a Flood of Water Train in the flood of waters – Dream Analysis for RB I dreamt about being on a train that suddenly goes towards the sea shore and is engulfed by the flood waters. The waters are swirling and rushing around the train. However ...

Dream meaning fish out of water Dream meaning
Fish, Water Creatures - Dream Symbols Guest Author - Aisling Ireland Animals often appear in dreams as stand-ins for aspects of ourselves - aspects that sometimes feel wild or foreign or not well-understood. Animals in dream can be powerful totems, powerful symbols that ar...

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