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Meaning of dreams of your spouse cheating Dream meaning
What's the meaning of a dream of your spouse cheating? I never had dreams like this before. I didn’t actually dream of her doing it. Just talking to differ...

Meaning of dreams of water Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation Water The meaning of your dream subject, Water, according to the ancient dream books and from 10,000 Dreams interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller, is detailed below: To dream of clear water, foretells that you will become prosperous. If the ...

Meaning of dreams of ex boyfriends Dream meaning
Ex-Girlfriend Dreaming of an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is a very common dream, in fact so common that most of us have probably had this dream at one point of time or another. What this isn’t is a literal dream, which means that if you’re making out with your ex-girlfrien...

Meaning of dreams of black dogs Dream meaning
Black dog (Dreams) big black dog dream interpretations My dream. The part I remember is being in school and coming across 3 boys who were carry ing little black dog s (they were like staffies). I stopped and said that they couldn't have dogs in school and ended up w...

Meaning of dreams my husband cheating on me Dream meaning
Dream about my Husband Cheating on Me Anonymous asked Jan 24, 2015 My family was in town for the day and my husband said out of no where that he had to go to work that they needed him to look at something they couldn’t fix, so he walked away from us without saying any I lo...

Meaning of dreams my boyfriend cheating on me Dream meaning
I cheated on my boyfriend in my dream. Why? beyond_hope said: 05-22-2008 04:31 AM I cheated on my boyfriend in my dream. Why? Quick background: my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 1/2 years (3 years in September). We have a great relationship and want to move in wi...

Meaning of dreams murdering someone Dream meaning
What Do Dreams About Killing Someone Mean Dreamy Memory! On an average, a person forgets about 50% of his dream within 5 minutes of waking up, and within 10 minutes, he forgets about 90% of the dream. It is true that dreams have no control or limit. They can be as soothing...

Meaning of dreams murder Dream meaning
MURDER / MURDERER Spiritual Meaning: Murder suggests willful destruction of another life. Spiritually we need to understand what has taken us in dreams to the extreme position of trying to kill. Psychological / Emotional Perspective: To be angry enough...

Meaning of dreams mother Dream meaning
Mother-In-Law (Dreams) Mother-in-law Dream ing of your mother-in-law. denotes there will be pleasant reconciliations for you after some serious disagreement. Mother-In-Law To see your mother-in-law in your dream. foretells that after some...

Meaning of dreams monkey Dream meaning
Monkey in Dreams Monkeys and clowns lie to your face. Dreaming of monkeys mean that you have deceitful friends who will constantly tell half truths to advance their own motives. Prevent them from making a fool out of you by being more cautious and limit the amount of selective informati...

Meaning of dreams money Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: Money Dream meaning: Money Dream interpretation of money suggests personal energy; inner resources; acquisition or materialistic issues; the cost of a relationship or situation; a need to be regarded as worthwhile. If you lose money, consider what emotional losses...

Meaning of dreams mice and rats Dream meaning
This days StackOverflow is now become to be a most popular platform for programmers around the world. StackOverflow have new questions in almost every seconds! This is a real great turn. So, you want to. Yesterday I was recording my voice for a YouTube casting, but i was really afraid of ...

Meaning of dreams marriage Dream meaning
If the dreamer is getting married, and is happy about it, either a wedding or another type of much-desired contract or agreement is indicated. If the dreamer is marrying someone whom she does NOT want to marry, then she may be headed for a task that she’d rather not perform. If t...

Meaning of dreams man Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: man A man can represent many different things. For clues to his meaning, consider the context of the man and your feelings about him. A man you know in real life may represent that actual person or the type of role he plays in your life (supervisor, father, friend, ...

Meaning of dreams loss of teeth Dream meaning
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Meaning of dreams losing all your teeth Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation /Dream of losing teeth Advertisement Expert: John Vercelletto - 11/19/2007 I have had a few dreams in the past few years about losing my teeth. But the most recent one was so vivid I freaked out when I woke up. It took...

Meaning of dreams lions chasing me Dream meaning
I keep having dreams of being chased by lions or lions are Satisfied Customers: 73 Experience: Dream Interpreter replied 4 years ago. Hello, Traditionally lions represent great strength and courage. This may even suggest you are going to overcome some emotional diff...

Meaning of dreams lions and tigers Dream meaning
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Meaning of dreams lion Dream meaning
Dream Symbol: sea lion Cleverness, playfulness, imagination, creativity, and the ability to know when to rest. Dreaming of this animal can represent: Having too much of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being less...

Meaning of dreams knife stabbing Dream meaning
Spiritual Meaning: When we realize that we can use particular skills, they can assume an almost ritualistic feeling. Fighting and stabbing movements (as in martial arts) are a means of spiritual discipline. We need to understand appropriate behaviour. Psychological / Emot...

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