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Meaning of marriage in a dream Dream meaning
Are You Dreaming Your Marriage Or Someone Else ? General Meaning of Marriage/Wedding Dreams If the dreamer dreams that dreamer is getting married then it indicates that a much awaited contract or agreement will soon happen. If dreamer is very happy...

Meaning of maggots in dreams Dream meaning
Maggot (Dreams) maggot s in food dream interpretations Maggot s are commonly described as soft (legless) larva of a fly that often feeds on decomposing matter. This dream is generally indicative of negative influence s in the waking world. It is a sign that you are ...

Meaning of lion dreams Dream meaning
Lion – the lion stands for majesty, strength and courage. It can also represent the ego and the passions associated with it. If we are struggling with the lion there should be a successful development as long as we are not overpowered, or the lion killed. A man-eating lion shows tha...

Meaning of lesbian dreams Dream meaning
Dream Interpretation /Lesbian Dream Advertisement Expert: John Vercelletto - 4/11/2008 About two nights ago I had a dream that I was having sex with a woman that I have never seen in my life. I never had a dream about another woman until n...

Meaning of keys in dreams Dream meaning
Spiritual Meaning: A key can represent our need for liberation from a stressful situation and then the initiation of a positive spiritual move. Silver and gold keys represent – respectively – temporal and spiritual power. These keys crossed are part of the Papal regalia...

Meaning of just a dream by carrie underwood Dream meaning
Just A Dream lyrics Highlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. Carrie Underwood – Just A Dream lyrics It was two weeks after the day she turned eighteen All dressed in white Going to the church that night She had his ...

Meaning of just a dream Dream meaning
Carrie Underwood - Just A Dream Lyrics It was two weeks after the day she turned 18 All dressed in white, goin' to the church that night She had his box of letters in the passenger seat Six pence in a shoe, somethin' borrowed, somethin' blue And when the chur...

Meaning of jacob's dream Dream meaning
Jacob's Dream lyrics New! Read & write lyrics explanations Highlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. Alison Krauss – Jacob's Dream lyrics In the spring of 1856 with the snow still on the ground Two litt...

Meaning of islamic dreams Dream meaning
Dream Meaning of Azan (Adhan) Hearing sounds of adhan in a dream symbolizes happiness, relief, health. Hearing sounds of muslim call to prayer in a dream indicates that you will achieve your dreams,someone will come from distant lands and he will change your life, or it symbolize...

Meaning of i have a dream Dream meaning
I Have A Dream lyrics Click the blue-colored lyrics to read explanations. Highlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. Abba – I Have A Dream lyrics I have a dream, a song to sing To help me cope with anything If you see th...

Meaning of husband cheating in dreams Dream meaning
What does it mean when you dream: Husband To dream that your husband is leaving you, and you do not understand why, there will be bitterness between you, but an unexpected reconciliation will ensue. If he mistreats and upbraids you for unfaithfulness, you will h...

Meaning of human feces in dreams Dream meaning
dream of human feces Do anyone have the number for human feces? I may have spelled it wrong. My mom has had several dreams about human waste. One night she dreamed she stepped in it and then the next night she dreamed my deceased disabled sister had pooped on herself ad it was running o...

Meaning of houses in dreams Dream meaning
Glass House in Dreams To dream about a glass house, it may indicate your wish to live in a fairytale castle as an escape from reality. Glass houses are made of fragile bonds which may mean that your relationships with your family and friends may be strained. The prismatic effect of the ...

Meaning of hot air balloon in dreams Dream meaning
Observe a group of children watching balloons rise up into the air and hold on to that feeling. That’s the feeling your dream is helping you achieve. Because a balloon represent celebrations and joy, balloons in your dreams are an acknowledgement of all that is going good in your life. They’...

Meaning of having a baby girl in a dream Dream meaning
I Had a Dream That I Had a Baby Girl Updated on January 07, 2009 S.A. asks from Round Rock, TX on January 04, 2009 18 answers Ok. Last night I had the most amazing dream ever. I went to the hospital to deliver a baby. In the dream I ended up running...

Meaning of god in dreams hindu Dream meaning
Vedic Knowledge Online What is the Hindu definition of God? Hinduism gives us the freedom to approach God in our own way, without demanding conformity to any dogma. Hindus believe in one supreme God who created the universe and who is worshipped as Light, Love and Consciousness. ...

Meaning of giving birth in dreams Dream meaning
Birth (Dreams) Feel the need for precautions or security measure s somewhere in your life Feeling that you need to pay special attention or manage things carefully right now to help ensure the outcome you want. Written by dream Yes or no oracle. ...

Meaning of getting married in your dream Dream meaning
Interpretations Seeing your mother getting married means that may be it is time for a few changes. The fact that your mother does not have nay person in her life does not means that she might not feel alone at times. Further, the appearance of your grandfather suggests that you should t...

Meaning of frog in dream Dream meaning
Meaning of dream frog Meaning of dream Frog The following texts are the property of their respective authors and we thank them for giving us the opportunity to share for free to students, teachers and users of the Web their texts will used only for illustrative educational ...

Meaning of flying in my dreams Dream meaning
Flying In My Dreams I often get a dream where i would be flying up in the air some time i could see my self fyling on the mountain or on the river side ,i dont see myself as a bird however its just me ,i just have to flip my hands up and down ,i would be flying up and if i have to come ...

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